Effective Presentation Skills

Impress your boss!  Impress your clients!  More importantly, express your thoughts and ideas! Deliver that presentation with confidence!

Are you afraid to speak in public?  Feel nervous when tasked with presenting to more than one person? Do you want to engage your audience?  Delivering and effective presentation must be learned, you weren’t born knowing how to do it.

Our “Effective Presentation Skills” workshop will teach you how to “hook” the audience, deliver impactful messages, keep the audience listening and wrap up with a strong ending.

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Enhancing Your Coaching and Empowerment Skills

Motivate others to achieve! 

Are you working too hard?  Are you the only one that can do the job correctly?  Burn out is around the corner!  Think again!

Our work environments are demanding more accountability and performance with less human resources. Learn how to coach others to be empowered.  People are different, you must coach to their style, not yours. What will you do in your spare time?…..learn more new leadership skills.  You’ll be a leader in demand as others will WANT to work with you.

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Creating a Positive Work Environment

People want to come to work!  People want to be involved! People want to be successful!  Is your work environment a positive one?

How does a leader get their team to want to work?  Are you even responsible for doing this?  CAN YOU MOTIVATE PEOPLE?  Wow, that’s a big question!

Learn the formula for success.  Employees need more than having the skills to do the job.  It’s up to you, their leader, to create that environment.  Learn the human side of your work environment and find out what makes employees want to contribute to achieving results.

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Assertive Communication

Get along with EVERYONE!  Don’t be walked on! Don’t bully people!

Are you seen as “weak?”  Do people call you mean? Do you wish you could say what you mean and mean what you say?  Do you know if you’re passive, aggressive or assertive?

Learn how to be an assertive leader.  Recognize the communication style of others so you can connect with them.  Assess your style of managing conflict so you can develop new skills to be assertive.

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Facilitating Meetings

Make your meetings short!  People will WANT to be part of your meetings.  No more wasting people’s time!

Do you dislike facilitating meetings?  Do you dread going to meetings?  Do you believe most meetings are a waste of time?  Let’s turn meetings into productive events!

Learn how to facilitate interaction among the attendees.  Practice leading a group to reach consensus.  Become the meeting attendee you wish everyone would be!

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Listening..  Do you really know how to?

Build effective working relationships.  Save time by understanding the first time.  Decrease your stress level.

Do you ask people to repeat themselves?  Do you find that you don’t really pay attention?  Are you misinformed?  Do you blame others for not being clear?  Learn how to hear correctly, the first time!

Learn what most of us don’t learn in school….. how to listen!!!!!  Have you even thought about listening as a skill?  Where did you learn HOW to listen?  Are you an active listener?  Can you respond with empathy?  Leaders should not just be talkers.  Learn how to get the most from your team members by simply listening!!!!

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Questioning and Feedback Skills

Performance Management with Success!  No more dreaded performance reviews!  Looking forward, not backward.

Do you and your direct reports avoid performance reviews?  Do you know how to ask the appropriate style of question?  Do you criticize or offer constructive feedback?  Developing your questioning and feedback skills will make your performance management sessions a welcome time of the year!

Learn how to ask the “right” type of question.  Engage your team members to look forward.  Learn how to give constructive feedback that develops relationships.

Participant ManualDetailed Workshop Description


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