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Conflict Resolution

Increased productivity! Cohesive teams! Healthy work environments! Reduce stress levels!

Is there any one at work that you wish would just “go away?” Do you blame others for not getting along with you? Do you wish others would keep their opinions to themselves? People have good intentions. They just may not be the same as yours. Understanding others will reduce your stress and increase productivity.

Complete a conflict style assessment to show your “natural” conflict resolution style. Learn to adapt to the style necessary for the situation. Identify “win-win” situations and reduce stress for everyone.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Repeat customers! Continuous referrals! Happy customers! Increase your sales!

Where did you learn to give exceptional customer service? How do you know you’re good to everyone, not just some people? Keeping a customer is easier than finding a new one! A customer can be pleased even if they don’t get their own way. Learn how!

Learn to give extraordinary customer service. Understand when you become part of the problem and not part of the solution. Learn how to serve customers in person, on the phone and online.

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Communicating with Influence

Increase your confidence! Say it clearly and concisely! Build stronger working relationships!

Do you wish you had spoken up in a meeting? Do you have trouble getting your thoughts into words? Do you want to learn a simple FIVE step process to speaking clearly?

Learn how to get your message across clearly, concisely and with confidence. The five step process can be used in most verbal communication situations. Understand the benefits of delivering your message verbally and not hiding behind a computer.

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Leadership Essentials

Leading for results! Leaders follow their people… they know where they’re going! People skills are just as important as technical skills! Become a leader with management skills!

Do you believe leaders are born? Do you have what it takes to be an effective leader? You CAN learn the skills necessary to lead others. You lead people, not things! If you have the desire, you can be the leader you aspire to be.

Learn the difference between management and leadership. Identify and demonstrate effective leadership characteristics. Increase employee performance through your leadership style.

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Train the Trainer

SME’s (subject matter experts) becoming trainers! Transfer your skills to others! Understand how other people learn!

Do you know adults learn differently? Are you training others the way you want to be trained? Are you sure people understand you without asking, do you understand?

Learn how to train others using different learning styles. Learn training and facilitation tips and techniques. Follow a simple training process to be effective.

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Discovery Personal Effectiveness Programme

Communicate effectively with everyone! Adapt to others without changing who you are! Interpersonal communication at its best!

Are you searching for an inspiring personal development experience? Do you want to improve the interpersonal dynamics of your people? Are you looking for a way to help individuals understand their personal impact? How can you help individuals to better understand themselves and others?

Learn how to get along with all types of personalities. Complete an online assessment and receive a personal profile that will help you understand yourself, understand others then adapt and connect with all types.

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Discovery Team Dynamics Programme

Foster team spirit! Create synergy! Team cohesiveness! Superior team results!

Do you want to develop your team? Does your team know the value of each team member’s contribution? How can your teams work smarter and work well together?

Learn how to create teams that are greater than the sum of their parts. Complete an online assessment and receive a personal profile that is used with a memorable model to aid individual and group understanding. Communicate in a non-threatening environment while discussing differences, challenges and resolving conflict.

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