Whether you’re self employed or part of an organization that doesn’t have the requirements to do on-site training, training and development is still an option for you. 

3D Consulting offers a variety of subjects to be delivered to individuals.

Please refer to the Corporate Workshops and if you identify a subject matter that you would like to develop in your personal tool box, please contact us for further assessment.

 Individual instruction can be tailored to your specific criteria and your timetable. 


Personal Psychometric Assessment

3D Consulting offers a personal psychometric assessment that is a development tool that gives individuals an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others.  Learn more about yourself and how to effectively communicate your thoughts, clearly and concisely.  Identify your strengths in the sales process and areas to be developed.

This tool will build your confidence to work effectively with all types of personalities.  You’ll be empowered to contribute more to teams in the work place.  If you are working on increasing your sales abilities, this personal assessment will speed up your learning curve time.

Insights Assessment- psycometric assessment  Detailed Workshop Description



Presentation Skills

Another successful one-on-one area is Presentation Skills.  Individuals will be personally coached to increase their confidence in delivering their message.  You will learn to deliver your message to a large group or an individual. Your presentation style is so important.  It’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it!  Being the subject matter expert that you are, don’t you want people to WANT to listen to you?  Your anxiety and butterflies will be put under control and your audience will hear the confident person you aim to be.

Participant DVDDetailed Workshop Description



Public workshops and on-site training don’t work into everyone’s schedules.  3D Consulting will work with you to ensure the best outcome.  Topic areas are listed under Corporate Workshops.